30 Years of InfoWest: A Journey of Innovation and Community

June 10, 2024

30 Years of InfoWest

As InfoWest celebrates three decades of revolutionizing the digital landscape, it’s more than just a milestone; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of innovation and community. But how did InfoWest come to be? Rewind the clock to 1994, a time when the internet was in its infancy. Kelly Nyberg and Randy Cosby dared to dream big. With the help of Eric Pedersen, Gary Koeven, John Clemons and Aaron Gifford InfoWest was started on the campus of Dixie College (now Utah Tech University). Running wires across campus to connect to this new thing called the internet, to downloading images from the Louvre museum on the web for the first time, Kelly and Randy are true pioneers in the Southern Utah Internet landscape.

Their science project turned into InfoWest. With the leadership of Kelly and Randy, InfoWest has hit many milestones along the way. One claim to fame is having the first website registered in Utah. Despite the numerous groundbreaking achievements, InfoWest was a pledge to deliver the Ultimate Internet experience, one customer at a time. At InfoWest our customers always come first.

Nyberg and Cosby, the dynamic duo behind InfoWest, didn’t just stumble upon success; they crafted it. With a shared passion for connectivity and a firm belief in staying true to their roots, they embarked on a journey that would redefine the way we perceive internet service providers.
But what truly sets InfoWest apart isn’t just its internet or services—it’s the unwavering commitment to its community. Nyberg and Cosby didn’t just build a company; they built a family, a network of neighbors and friends who rely on InfoWest. The notion of “customers” doesn’t do justice to the relationships forged over the years; they’re simply friends and neighbors, united by a common goal of connectivity and geographical closeness.

Many changes have endured since then, from the early days of dial-up to the lightning-fast speeds of Fiber and FiberWave, InfoWest has always been at the forefront of innovation. But innovation isn’t just about technology; it’s about adapting to the changing needs of the community.

That’s why InfoWest has expanded its services beyond mere internet connectivity, offering a suite of solutions like InfoWest Security and VoIP, designed to empower businesses and individuals alike.

As InfoWest’s footprint has grown, so too has its workforce, from a humble trio to a team of nearly 150 dedicated individuals. But despite the growth and expansion, one thing has remained constant: InfoWest’s commitment to customer service. The 24/7 US-based support team isn’t just a feature; it’s a promise, a guarantee that help is always just a phone call away.

But perhaps InfoWest’s greatest legacy lies in its dedication to the community. From sponsoring local events to investing in initiatives, Nyberg and Cosby have made it their mission to give back to the community that has supported them from day one. In an age of digital disconnect, InfoWest serves as a lifeline, bridging the gap between homes and businesses, and connecting people.

As InfoWest enters its fourth decade, it does so with a sense of pride—a pride born not of accolades, but of the knowledge that, for 30 years of InfoWest, it has been more than just an internet provider; it has been a partner, a friend and a neighbor.

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